Welcome to Sharp Auto Brokers to Our Old and New Friends, Alike!!

And thank you for visiting us! It is our goal that, before you sign off, you will become far wiser about the process of getting a new vehicle than you were when you found us! It is our mission to teach as many auto shoppers as possible a different and more effective way to get their next car & and possibly to have the honor of actually getting some of you your next new car or truck!!

The Problem:: Getting a new car represents far too big an investment, to allow for any mistakes. You buy a shirt that doesn't fit, and you can return it. You make a bad deal (or choice) on a new car, you're stuck with it. Although, we would all like to think that we are excellent decision-makers and negotiators, the fact remains that auto dealers are trained in all the tricks to get you to buy what they have on their lot for the most possible money. If you're smart enough to hire a CPA to do your taxes, an attorney to handle your legal matters, and a financial planner to protect your investments, then, it makes total sense to use an experienced professional automobile broker to help you get your new vehicle! Very few people succeed in becoming an "overnight expert" at anything. Better to hire an experienced professional who does this all day long.

Who We Can Benefit Most:: New car buyers seem to kind of break down into three general classes. The first group LOVES the battle with the car dealer. These people won't enjoy hiring Sharp Auto Brokers, since they love the "sport" of buying, and don't want somebody else "having all that fun"! Unfortunately, these people are often the "legal prey" of the car dealers. The second group doesn't like "dicing" with the dealer, so they wisely spend many hours preparing, gathering information, and "girding" themselves before "taking on" the car dealer. We can save these people a lot of time and stress. And then, there's the third group. Many people in this group find car buying so unpleasant that they actually tend to keep their old one rather than be subjected to the unwelcoming band of car "salesmen" standing in a row waiting to "pounce" as they drive in! These people love Sharp Auto Brokers, since, by using us, they never even get close to a car lot, during any part of the transaction!!

What we do at Sharp Auto Brokers is the product of having spent over 50 combined years developing ways in which the second and third groups can successfully and enjoyably get a new car, without ever having to waste time at a new car lot, or with a new car "salesman". If you would prefer having a root canal to going to a car dealer, welcome home! You have just discovered one of the finest and most professional ways to obtain a new vehicle in California. Carefully read what we have to say, study our philosophy of getting a car and the reason for using an auto broker will quickly become clear. You will soon discover that there truly IS a MUCH better way to get a new car!.

What You Will Find Here: This is a very big and extremely thorough web site. How you use it is up to you. You may just want to "scan" it until you are satisfied that you truly have found a group of committed professionals in the automobile business who truly care about you. Then, simply contact us and we'll take it from there. On the other hand, you may want to take the entire "guided tour" through what we do, who we are, choosing a vehicle, all the tricks to financing and leasing, and then actually "build your dream car" on your computer. Or, you may want to use our "valuable web links" to gather even more information than we present to you here. Or, you might enjoy our "Build Your Own Dream Car" on The Kelley Blue Book used car valuation section of our site

Whether you need a new car now, or are thinking about getting another car at some point, sooner or later, you are going to want to contact us at Sharp Cars. Read on...and enjoy!!

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