You might not know this, but in California, about 10% of all new car transactions involve an auto broker. Getting a new car from a broker is a lot like using a travel agent to plan a trip. A good travel agent can put you in a “package” with other travelers, knows where the best deals are, buys in volume and can cross-shop the deals and right traveling days for all airlines, hotels, and ground transportation. A great travel agent has been to your destination and knows the ins and outs of making your vacation really special. And most travel agents are commissioned by the airlines, hotels and other vendors, with money you would have paid anyway!

By the same token, smart business people use a good CPA to do their books, a good attorney to protect them from legal problems, and good employees to take care of their business.

Yet, most people go through the hassles of figuring out what kind of car to get, then shop (in an adversarial relationship) at a new car dealership for a car. Then, after haggling and negotiating, sometimes for days, they finally get a car, and SOMEBODY gets a commission for selling them that car. And, in many cases, that “somebody” was your adversary whose job was to get you to buy what he had on hand for the largest profit possible. Few buying processes are more dreaded than getting a new car or truck from a new car dealer! A new car broker acts as YOUR agent in the transaction.

First, your broker uses his experience and expertise to be sure you consider the best vehicles that could meet your needs and wants. Then, the broker shops the entire state of California, using our fleet buying power and strong relationships with dealership management, to find the exact vehicle you choose. Once it is located, the vehicle is moved to a co-operating fleet source, the best possible fleet price gets negotiated, and the broker gets back to you to describe the vehicle, the negotiated price, and the best financing, to you. If you say “Go”, your broker has the vehicle transported to you, prepares the paperwork, arranges to dispose of your old car, and gets the loan or lease approved and prepared. Delivery to you is either at our office or your home or business. The paperwork takes about 7 minutes, and you have your new vehicle!!

Once people discover that they never need to haggle with a new car salesman again, they rarely go back. Using a good broker saves hours of your time. Using a broker’s fleet buying volume gives you the power to pay less without haggling. Getting good advice from an experienced automobile broker saves you mistakes. Not being face to face with “the Enemy” (car salesman) is a joy!!

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